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The coastline south of Mombasa is a tropical Eden of palm fringed white sand beaches, where the waters of the Indian Ocean meet coral reefs. The protective reefs have created safe and beautiful beaches with calm, inviting waters. The offshore reefs are alive with tropical marine life including sea turtles and dolphins. Both outer and inner reef walls offer world class diving with spectacular coral gardens and drop offs.

Diving in Kenya is generally good all year round, although visibility lessens during July and August due to silting and high seas. The weather is consistently warm and sunny, with excellent balmy water temperatures that makes for ideal dive conditions.


Safari Sense guarantees you qualified and experienced dive-masters and guides, boats, airfill and full equipment hire including dive computers.

For wreck divers MV Dania lies in around 35m of water, just off Bamburi Beach. She was fully prepared for sinking, with her engines removed and hull cleaned to reduce environmental impact, and her interior fully cleared for safe exploration by divers.


A cement barge sunk off Kenya’s south coast is also a popular dive site for both the abundant marine life and, wreck divers. 


From unexplored sites to easily accessible undersea coral gardens, schools of sharks to breaching whales, friendly dolphins to endangered turtles, incredible caves to mysterious wrecks, a Kenyan scuba safari gives you the whole wild world -underwater.

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With consistently warm and sunny weather mixed with excellent water temperature, the diving conditions in Kenya are generally great regardless of the season. During the months of July and August however, the water visibility lessens because of silting and high seas.

If diving in Kenya is in your bucket list, it’s best to schedule your visit during the months of October to March when the temperature, rainfall, and humidity throughout the country is just right. Kenyan waters are usually calm and relaxing.

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