Lake Nakuru

Nakuru (Nakurro), ‘that which is bare, or grassless’, (and not the misconceived and popular ‘place of swirling dust devils’), in the language of the Maasai, is a shallow alkaline soda lake, famous for the flocks of flamingos that feed on its algae, which provides sustenance for up to 2,000,000 birds. This makes Lake Nakuru one of the largest and most colorful bird spectacle on earth.

Described as the most fabulous ornithological site on earth, flocks of 300,000 birds can be seen at one time, making the edge of the lake look frosted with pink.

Although the flamingo population fluctuates as they migrate up and down the Rift Valley to breed, there are other numerous species of birds on the lake shore, and the surrounding National Park is a rhino sanctuary with a healthy population of Black and White Rhino, and the Rothschild giraffe.

Kenya became a contracting party on 5 June 1990 through the designation of Lake Nakuru National Park, the 49th Important Bird Area in the country, as a Ramsar site.

Great place to spend the weekend, very relaxing. Amazing wildlife and flamingoes!!
Nairobi, Kenya


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