Experience the Untamed Beauty of Africa’s Painted Wolves!

As the golden sun sets over Laikipia’s vast landscapes, I’m on the adventure of a lifetime. Our late afternoon game drive gifted us the sight of elephants strolling by a watering hole and lions basking in the fading light. But the best was yet to come.
Around a bend in the dusty track, our guide’s excitement was palpable – “Hang on, folks, get ready for a wild ride!” And boy, was he right! A symphony of yips and howls echoed, and out of the savannah emerged a pack of Africa’s Wild Dogs, their mottled coats like nature’s artwork.
With adrenaline rushing, we trailed these predators, witnessing their coordinated tactics as they weaved through the grass, a blur of motion and strategy. It felt like stepping into a live documentary, heart pounding to the rhythm of the chase.
In an electrifying climax, the pack pounced on their prey – a blur of fur and teeth. In that breathtaking moment, as the sun dipped, I realized I wasn’t just observing; I was part of the wild, a witness to Laikipia’s untamed beauty, forever etched in memory as a thrilling dance under the African sky.

Wild dogs are social animals, living and hunting in packs of 10 to 100. They sustain speeds of 50 km/h for almost 2 km. The pack tears into prey, devouring it quickly. A pack of 12 can consume an impala in 10 minutes. They hunt at sunrise and sunset. Lame dogs are cared for, sharing food and regurgitated meat.

Ready to embrace the wild? Our exclusive safari immerses you in the world of African wild dogs, also known as painted wolves. This adventure guarantees an indelible mark on your soul.
Capture their elegance as they play and hunt. Witness cooperative hunting, a marvel of evolution. Their mosaic-like coats move with choreographed grace, a nature’s spectacle.

But it’s more than observing. It’s about understanding and conserving these endangered animals. Your safari supports vital conservation, ensuring their survival for generations. Your journey becomes part of their story—a tale of resilience, adaptability, and the balance of African plains.

Book now and embark on an unforgettable adventure tracking African wild dogs. Let the wilderness paint its story on your soul.

Our passion for nature and travel is reflected in our understanding of the need to experience the natural environment in a sustainable and unique way.

Our commitment to you is “The Perfect Balance between Nature & Discovery, Adventure & Luxury”.

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