To Hell & Back!

Hell's Gate is best known for its jagged cliffs and striking gorge, and offers excellent rock climbing for all abilities, from easy routes on East Rib, ideal for beginners, to the more challenging 37m Groove, on Fischer’s Tower named after German naturalist Gustav Fischer.

Hell’s Gate is one of the few national parks that is safe to walk in. Take a hike down Njorowa Gorge, or mountain bike past giraffe and zebra.

For birders, t Hell’s Gate may be seen the rare Lammergeyer, Nyanza swift, and Verreaux’s Eagle.

At the park, you’ll enjoy watching the dainty antelopes, elegant giraffes, and other plain animals as well as the geothermal activity of the hot springs, where you can take a bath in the therapeutic waters.

Let's go!

Transfer from Nairobi by road to Naivasha. Stop for lunch, brief siesta and stretching exercises. In the afternoon, hit “Hell”.

Climb the volcanic plugs and towering cliffs of this sensational geothermal park and explore the winding, waterworn curves of Njorowa Gorge.

Climb, hike and game-drive through the park. In the afternoon, explore the famous gorge. It’s rough, it’s tough and it’s terrific. 

Alternatively, you can visit the Olkaria Spa and relax in its warm therapeutic volcanic waters.

Experience some of the most spectacular lava-tube caves in Africa, whisper in echoing caverns and winch yourself through winding tunnels.


After lunch, head back to Nairobi.


Birders to watch out for Swifts breeding; March – May.

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As a beginner in rock climbing, I was able to try out my skills in ultimate safety and relative ease! The guide was absolutely amazing, very professional...

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