Sport Fishing

The warm tropical waters of the Indian Ocean off the Kenyan coast is a haven for sports fishermen. The tropical currents and trade winds along the northern coastline particularly, bring big game fish at certain times of the year. Most other fishing locations in the world offer two or, at most, three species of Billfish, Kenyan waters in season have six – Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Broadbill, Swordfish and the rather rare Shortbill Spearfish. The Kenya coast is commonly regarded amongst sports fishermen as the best fishing in the whole of Africa for Striped Marlin and sailfish.

Big game fishing facilities are widely available up and down the coast and there are plenty of qualified operators in Bamburi, Mtwapa, and Kilifi, although the small picturesque coastal towns of Malindi and Watamu have become the major centers for big game fishing excursions.

Excellent boats with the latest equipment are available for full and half day charter at most centers. The Kenya Association of Sea Anglers (KASA) is the regulating body for all sportfishing on the coast, ensuring that all KASA member’s boats are of a set standard regarding licensing, insurance and safety equipment carried on board. Clients are advised to charter boats owned by KASA members as they can be assured that these are well maintained and safe.


As well as Billfish Kenyan waters also provide great sport with several varieties of tuna up to 100kg, shark up to 500kg, Trevally 55kg, Kingfish, Wahoo, Horse Mackerel and many more, providing excellent opportunities for all sports fishermen of all abilities. A tag and release program is in place to ensure eco-friendly fishing.