Giraffe Manor

From 1974 Giraffe Manor was the home of Jock and Betty Leslie-Melville, who virtually single handedly saved the Rothschils giraffe from extinction. This vibrant couple caught the world’s imagination with the story of ‘Raising Daisy Rothschild’, and the breeding program they started continues at the Manor to this day.

Giraffe Manor is on of Nairobi’s most iconic historical buildings; dating back to the 1930s, it is reminiscent of a fine old Scottish hunting lodge. While the building itself resonates with fascinating history, very much present are the Rothschild giraffe and their offspring. They visit the manor every morning and stroll elegantly back and forth to the nearby watering hole throughout the day, often stopping by for a treat and to investigate who is on the terrace. At sunset, they take themselves deep into the sanctuary – 167 acres of virgin forest – to browse at night. At dawn, they emerge throughout the trees, a truly heart lifting sight, on their way back to the manor for breakfast with the guests. At Giraffe Manor, life slows to the pace of the giraffe, and stress falls away.