Kids in Parks

SafariSense provides an opportunity for students to experience and interact with the wonders of our natural and cultural heritage and to explore the importance of its conservation. For us, it is important that children, who are the future custodians of our environment, take charge as conservation ambassadors.

The Kids in Parks project provides learners and teachers with the opportunity to expand their learning environment in a national park, which, for many, entails the first-time point of access to some of Kenya’s prized national assets.

The country has several wildlife conservation education facilities which are either private or public. Among the key private ones are Lafarge (Haller) Park at Bamburi in Mombasa, Mt. Kenya Education Center (William Holden) in Nanyuki, Giraffe Center in Nairobi, Blue Post Orphanage in Thika and Poa Place in Eldoret. 

The Nairobi Orphanage and Nairobi Safari Walk are two educational facilities run by KWS in Nairobi. A similar facility, the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is based in Kisumu. 

The project gives learners the chance to explore our biological and ecological diversity and understand their place in the natural and cultural world. By visiting national parks and engaging in hands-on experiences with the endemic flora and fauna, the students learn about ecology, natural history, and the importance of caring for the natural habitat.

The project also aims to enhance cultural resource management and indigenous knowledge, significantly for students drawn from local communities close to the parks, thus bridging the sense of alienation between the two, as well as strengthening relationships leading to a bigger support for conservation.