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Amazingly unbelievable!” were the first words she used to describe their family December trip to Tsavo West National park.

“Every day we were on holiday was such an adventure, simply because we never knew what we would see or what would happen,” she said as we chatted online a few days after they returned from their Christmas holidays.

“Everyone’s asking us what our most memorable moment was, but it would not do the trip justice to choose one of anything. There were just so many awesome experiences!

We saw all the Big 5, an endless number of other animals including, elephants, hippos, cheetahs, and giraffes. We saw everything from male lions fighting to hippos mating. It was like being in an adventure movie unfolding every day! We felt so lucky to just be a part of all this…”

Suddenly she pauses mid sentence and says…

“I must admit that I have always been skeptical about online booking platforms. Living in an age of cyber crimes had put me off the concept until I came across your website. Once I booked online, I realized how effortless the whole process is…”

Indeed, the most interesting thing is that there are more online travel bookings for the holidays right now than has been seen in this point of time before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Data indicates that more and more people are getting comfortable using their phones in making holiday bookings. 

“The mistake I nearly made was waiting at the very last minute to book. Thanks to your timely advice I was able to avoid the temptation of ‘winging it’.  I’d have probably ended up staying or visiting second-rate establishments.

With us – your trusted online travel planner – , whether booking for a holiday or a tour, the process is fast and efficient. At Safari Sense, you’re able to book your dream holiday at the comfort of your own home, in your pyjamas while sipping on a cold beverage.

Our exceptional customer service ensures that all of our trips go as planned, and your safety and comfort are paramount in our operations. Apart from convenience, you also get seasonal discounts and guaranteed departures.  

We have the ability to ease the challenges, and offer you a level of personalization that no other online travel agency is capable of It does not get any better than this, does it?

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Our passion for nature and travel is reflected in our understanding of the need to experience the natural environment in a sustainable and unique way.

Our commitment to you is “The Perfect Balance between Nature & Discovery, Adventure & Luxury”…

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