5 Exciting Adventures in Kenya This January

January is usually considered the time for a more private safari. For some, the holiday excitement has worn off. For others who’re still on holiday, it’s the ideal time to plan an exclusive getaway, as there are fewer crowds to contend with.

Even though the month falls under high season, the clear, hot days and warm nights make this a popular time for safaris.

Whether you in pursuit of luxury adventure travel, or want to explore and experience nature and wildlife in a different and unique way, here are a few ideas for your first trip in 2021.

*Note – Travel to any destination may be adversely affected by conditions including (but not limited) to COVID-19 protocols, security, entry and exit requirements, local laws and culture, natural disasters and climate. Regardless of your destination, check with us for travel advice about that location when planning your trip and again shortly before you leave.

Diving & Snorkeling at the Coast:

Dive in and explore the MV Dania at Mombasa North Coast, a favorite diving spot (generally good all year round except July – August due to silting and high seas), where you’ll be sure to encounter a great abundance of aquatic life, from the smallest damselfish to dolphins or even sharks!

Alternatively head to South Coast for wreck diving sites at Diani Beach for a different experience and spectacular snorkeling at Wasini Island from a traditional dhow.

Sport Fishing, South Coast

For sport fishing, Merlin season, which started in late November, extends until mid-February.

Bird watching & Game drives, Tsavo West

For the dramatic scenery, wilderness and good mix of predators (lions, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas), prey (lesser kudus, gazelles, impalas), other herbivores (elephants, rhinos, zebras, oryxes and giraffes) and European and Asian Palearctic migrants, head out to Tsavo West.

Ngulia escarpment and the Ngulia Hills (1,828 m) are the destination for the annual migration of birds from the northern hemisphere since mid-October. The Roaring Rocks, named for the buzz of cicadas that bellows around them, have panoramic views, making a spectacular observation point for sundowners.

Lake Jipe, near the Tanzanian border, is fed from the snows of Mt. Kilimanjaro and is a paradise for water birds especially Black Herons and Pygmy Geese.

The Ngulia Hills are an important flyway for migratory species. Rising more than 600m above the valley floor and to a height over 1800m above sea level, this jagged ridgeline ranks among the prettiest of all Tsavo landforms, providing a backdrop to Rhino Valley.

Our passion for nature and travel is reflected in our understanding of the need to experience the natural environment in a sustainable and unique way.

Our commitment to you is “The Perfect Balance between Nature & Discovery, Adventure & Luxury”…

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