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WHERE? Malewa Bush Ventures

Malewa is one of the most beautiful places for camping at a comparatively reasonable price. Besides the amazing landscapes and wild nature, Camp Malewa Bush Ventures offers its visitors team building activities, a huge variety of events, conferences, camping, adventure, and fun. 

One of the advantages is that Malewa Bush Ventures is located only two hours away from the capital city in a  a stunning 60- acre land on the Malewa River, with an experienced chef and a variety of dishes including nyamachoma!

Established in 2007, the nearby 2,500-acre  Kigio Conservancy is the home to 34 endangered Rothschild Giraffes (donated from AFEW Giraffe Centre), hippo and leopard; with over 250 bird species being recorded. 

The conservancy is committed to being environmentally sustainable and socially conscious. It is a member of the Rift Lakes Conservancies Association and has been recognised by Lewa Conservancy, Tusk Trust, and Born Free Trust.

The nearby lake is listed as an Important Bird Area and the habitat for the globally threatened Grey-Crested Helmet-shrike. This bird’s population is in rapid decline facing pressure from the degradation of acacia and leleshwa bush country due to increased livestock production and cultivation. 

Palaearctic duck are especially abundant in November and February. The lake is known for its high density of African Fish Eagles, which nest in the surrounding Acacia woodland.

Expert’s Tips:

Rent mountain bikes, or take horses and head off into the bush for a few hours.
Carry swimwear for river swims.

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