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WHERE? Thompson Falls Lodge Camp

Thomson’s Falls, named after Joseph Thomson, a Scottish geologist and naturalist who was the first European to see the falls in 1883, is a 73-meter sheer drop of the Ewaso Narok River over a ledge of volcanic rock. The lodge was built in the 1930s by settlers as a private residence, and became a hotel in the 1960s. 

The nearby Lake Ol Bollosat is the source of River Ewaso Narok that is a key tributary to the Ewaso Nyiro River and has been designated as an IBA since 2007.

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The lake is rich in avian biodiversity with over 300 bird species recorded including rare migratory birds. In total about 49 birds’ species have been sighted and recorded at this ecosystem which is an important migratory route for Palearctic migrant water birds. The African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement also lists 17 species of water birds recorded in the Lake.

Confirmed sighting of birds include the Sharpe’s Longclaw, the near threatened Jackson’s Widowbird on neighboring farms, long-tailed Widowbird regionally threatened and Hunter’s Cisticola found on the surrounding farm bushes for terrestrial species and the endangered Grey Crowned Crane. 

Other species sighted here included the African Marsh Harrier, Purple Swamphen, Black-bellied Bustard and Capped. A survey undertaken in 2007 indicated that the most abundant of the species as: 114 Long-tailed Widowbird, 93 Red-capped lark and 89 Grassland Pipit among others.

There are an estimated 400 hippos resident in the lake, a few crocodiles and mudfish; in addition to other animals such as the Dikdiks, baboons, hedgehogs and Colobus monkeys. 

Camping grounds and tents available, though you can bring your own equipment.

If you don’t want to sleep in a tent, there is a comfortable opportunity to book a room or a cottage that have open log fireplaces, en-suite bathrooms with hot shower system, free WiFi and DSTV connectivity among other facilities.

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